Wearable Investments is a high-end jewelry studio created to design a piece of luxury jewelry exclusively for you, both for indulgence and for your future investment.  Let us introduce you to the resplendent luster of 24 Karat gold, a rare precious metal from the beginning of time.

By working with pure 24 Karat gold, an exquisite selection of diamonds, rare gems, family heirlooms, our design team will present you with a piece of jewelry that is “beyond the ordinary”.

As you browse through the website you will find examples of exquisite designs which can be recreated. The beautiful intense yellow color of pure 24 Karat gold catches the eye of everyone.  View our collection and see for yourself.

Click on the tab marked “Begin Your Design” and follow the easy step-by-step directions to design your own unique piece of jewelry, the piece of your dreams!



Having a custom piece of fine jewelry will change your life!