Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Remember that gold of any quality is lasting and durable but can get scratched or dented.

Gold’s worst enemy is chlorine.  Repeated exposure can weaken gold’s structure, eventually leading to breakage.  Keep your jewelry away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and Jacuzzis.  Remove your jewelry if swimming in the ocean as salt water is damaging to your jewelry.  Careful removal of your rings will prevent the damage of prongs and/or the loss of your stone(s).  Store your jewelry separately in the provided pouch to prevent scratches.

Clean your jewelry regularly with a cleaning solution of sudsy lukewarm water, and then polish it with a Rouge Cloth.  We are including one with your purchase.

All gemstones, including diamonds, can chip, scratch, or abrade.  Jewelry should be removed before strenuous activity or during times when it might be subject to sharp blows or excessive friction.

Always inspect your gold jewelry for weakness or damage and contact Wearable Investments if it needs repair.  We will be able to restore it for you if necessary.

24 Karat gold is also hypoallergenic and it will never irritate the skin.

And don’t forget one of the most important ways to care for your new piece of jewelry is to have it covered under your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Jewelry insurance can cover loss, theft, and damage.

Having a custom piece of fine jewelry will change your life!