Diamond Selection

Choosing the specific color of diamonds you want to use in the creation of your piece is an important step.  The diamonds are the focal point, and your selection will enhance the “inner you” in the finished piece.  Virtually every color in the rainbow from white to black is available.

Some colors, like brown and black are of lesser cost, whereas on the opposing side of the cost spectrum, red diamonds are the most expensive due to their rarity.  The most popular are yellow and blue. Many of our customers feel the orange diamonds are the most interesting color available.  You will see several pieces in the collections link using these 3 colors.

Thus there will be no two diamonds exactly alike.  What we would like you to do is select your colors of diamonds you would like to use, and we will show you examples of the colors you choose.  Each distinct color will range from a faint color to a strong intense color throughout the diamond.

Remember – each diamond tells a story all its own. We will assist you throughout the entire process of creating that story – your heirloom masterpiece!

Diamond Colors Spectrum

Red/Pink Family

Orange/Brown Family

Yellow Family

Green Family

Blue/Purple Family

These are just some of the examples of the colors to choose from.

Diamond Shape Selection