Our Story

In 1995 when Carole accepted my marriage proposal, we began searching jewelry stores for wedding rings. We wanted the rings to be special and unique. After deciding to extend our search to Philadelphia, where we went to Jewelers Row, we really enjoyed learning about the different metals used, choices of diamonds available, and options for settings.

After talking with dozens of jewelers at the many stores there, we kept concluding that most of the rings we saw were “cookie cutters”, meaning, they all looked the same. As we were nearing the end of our weekend search, we found a small shop that advertised custom made jewelry in 14 and 18 Karat gold.

As we entered the shop, it clearly was not like the typical jewelry store we were accustomed to. The room was quite small, with only two showcases positioned in a letter L shape. Off to the right, was a long bench that was completely covered with jewelry making tools and accessories. A small hose with a flame instantly caught my eye that was positioned to the front of the bench. Due to the volume of items on the bench, it was obvious to us that the shop owner had been at this location for many years and was indeed a jewelry designer.

A man set down his tools and approached us from behind the long showcase and introduced himself as the owner. We explained our endless search for what we felt would be the perfect wedding rings, and he suggested together we could custom design exactly what we were looking for. Rings that told a story about us, and our journey together to this point. My immediate question was why didn’t anyone else suggest this to us? Jim’s response was many stores just sell jewelry, and few design what they sell.

As Carole and I shared our ideas with Jim, he sketched on a sheet of paper a design that was just what we were looking for. After looking at several choices of diamonds, and approving our design, Jim proceeded to create the wax models of the rings, sent them to casting, and within a few weeks we had what we still consider to be the perfect symbol of our love.

For many weeks, Carole and I reflected on the experience and felt working with Jim carried a deep inner spiritual connection. It wasn’t long before we created gold letters and symbolic designs for our family. The thrill of the initial design and the pieces we created was becoming an addiction, we wanted more.

Soon after that, I had a rush of creativity set in to design a man’s ring. On impulse, I opened an Auto-Cad program to design what would soon became the Infinity Ring.

As a solid believer in Walt Disney’s famous saying, “plus it”, I wanted to head in a “better” direction with my designs, and I worked on using 24 Karat gold. To insure its durability, we added strength and greater presence of appeal. The accent of using a blue diamond created a whole new format, and the decision was made to run with it! Who would’ve thought?

Our designs have included jewelry for both men and women. I recently took the “leap of faith” and stepped away from the typical symmetrical jewelry design, and created the Green Ombre Ring. Look for yourself, it’s on our website.

Let’s admit it – we all like nice things. But to Mark and Carole Shearer of Wearable Investments, nice is not enough. “We aim for the exceptional”, explains Mark. Wearable Investments is an online jewelry design studio that creates custom high-end jewelry specifically for you. “Although our primary focus is working with 24 Karat gold and natural colored diamonds”, Carole explains, “we receive inquiries to re-design old jewelry into something new that continues their story”.

“Anyone can go to a store and buy a piece of jewelry, but can you imagine the excitement of being a part of the initial sketching of the design, selecting the gemstones and diamonds, seeing what the wax model looks like with the gems in it, and watching your creation come to life?” explains Mark and Carole. You can proudly display a piece that you can tell your friends and family you designed! You need to experience this at least once in your life.

Mark and Carole are very passionate over what they do, they have been designing jewelry for 23 years and love every minute of it. We think jewelry is one of the most luxurious things you can own!

“When we are in conversation about our business”, Mark explains, “we are amazed to know how many people have never heard of or seen colored diamonds”. The excitement of the business begins, as Mark discusses the options available in every color of the rainbow including pure white to black. Everyone is curious to know what the most expensive color is. All the colors are affordable, except for the red which is very rare.

The process from the initial design to completion typically takes six months to a year. First, we will share with you the various choices of gemstones and colored diamonds that are available. For example, the center natural green diamond in the Ombre Ring took our buyer over one year to find because it is a very rare stone. In conclusion we look forward to designing a piece for you.

The Wearable Investments team includes Mark and Carole Shearer as the founders and head designers, Lindsey Gallagher is the website designer and photographer, and Jim Hering is the jeweler.